Thursday, January 30, 2014

You do what you gotta do...I Do What I WANT

Decide before you make it true if it is something you want. Because you can make anything you want true for you. - Abraham Hicks
Listening to Abraham Hicks today, I heard them make the above statement. Now I know this to be an accurate statement, but I began thinking about how I would have missed the point of the statement in my old way of thinking. I know so many people who would miss the point so my mind went into an example of this.

Friday, January 3, 2014

A new year, a New Me! Resolutions 2014

after hot yoga workout!
As I do each year, I'm off to a leaping start with my latest new year's resolutions. This year is different. The last half of 2013 taught me many new things about myself and my ability to stand in the totality of who I AM. I've learned new skills and basically, turned a corner in my quest towards feeling good (the original intent of this blog) and living the life I've dreamt of. I'll summarize those changes -
1. Quit my job (at the very insistent urging of my internal compass) at the end of August.
2. Discovered the very real nature of spiritual energy and helped a lost soul cross over to the Other Side (literally) in October/ November.
3. Met my friend and teacher and learned to meditate and use spiritual tools to ground my energy and fully realize my connection to God, my Source.
4. Took notice of my creative nature and how the law of attraction is constantly working and my ability to deliberately utilize this universal law.
5. Manifested the perfect living environment to fulfill my passions.

That last one was a doozy! Suddenly finding myself with the support, time, physical environment and resources to put the things I really want to do into action was both unexpected and a bit unsettling at first. I literally had to allow myself to get out of my survival mode mindset and accept the blessing.

So I gave myself a few weeks to take it all in and set the starting line at January 1, 2014. Perfect! The resolutions... re-solutions, are changes that I believe with my new skill sets and new environment will be permanent changes, never to be re-solved again!

1. Improving my health and fitness. I realized that the emotional and energetic aspects of my body have been ignored and forgotten. I believe my pattern of weightloss in the spring/summer and gaining it all back in the winter is the result of this.  My beliefs, attention to my emotions and energy and my ability to create the body that best serves me is equally as important as hitting the gym and eating right. I choose to feel good, happy, joyful and spend time in meditation and connection to my energetic body. I am able to influence my physical body in ways that produce results that match the highest and best version of myself. Statements (like that) of affirmation change the way my brain and subconscious work, creating new habits that support the changes I am making! Who knew?!

I have been wanting to take hot yoga classes for a couple years ever since I did a one month trial of Bikram Yoga and I loved it. However I had not wanted to spend the monthly fees for the classes so I just never went back. In my new home, my room is the perfect size and set up for me to do hot yoga at home! So starting January 1, I began my hot yoga practice and after 3 days - well all I can say is so far so good! I've found some videos on YouTube that I like and will keep my practice going. I did these two this morning and as you can see from my picture - it was a good workout!

I also decided to get back into the habit of making vegetables my main dish and keeping to more of a paleo diet, which I felt really good doing before. So on December 31, the last day before my start date and also my birthday, I indulged in food and desserts and allowed myself to thoroughly enjoy them. I'm now eating more vegetables and enjoying them as well, knowing and seeing the changes to my body (seriously) in just 3 days.

2. Improving my work life. Discovery of what really matters to me, what I'm good at and what my passions are were always overshadowed by the "survival mode" thinking - what I had to do to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. Many times I considered what I would do if my survival were not in the equation. I wished my parents or sisters were nearer and could offer the support I felt I needed to really do the things I wanted to do professionally.  But even my dreaming of what I could do was colored by the concept of need and lack and when I left my job to pursue self employment again, this need and lack was at the core of my business planning. It took me a few months to uncover this in my meditation and introspection, as well as in seeing how my path was unfolding and what I was - and WASN'T - manifesting. I saw that the way I was working was going in the opposite direction of what I really want and was putting me in a mindset of stressing about money and time management. I took a couple weeks to unload my plate of all the things I didn't want, which put me into a brief and scary place of figuring out how to get what I really do want - and oh man that's a topic for a whole other blog post! Suffice it to say for now that the path is a spiritual one and the actions I took were inspired and not analysed. I'm still slowly finding my way in this new way of being - less efforting, more allowing, less doubt, more knowing, less focus on what's missing, more focus on what's here and now and way more gratitude for it all.

All content on this site including health and wellness related content is completely my opinion. As frequently as possible I will provide references for any information relevant to health and wellness statements. Be Well, Crystal