Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tri-Cities LOA Group

I have also been attending a Sunday afternoon meetup that discusses various topics including Law of Attraction. The members of the group have become my friends and we all seem to really get fed at these meetings (and not just by the desserts that get shared each week) .

Here's ma badge!

What I'm learning, reading & watching...

I've been doin a lot more reading lately. I'm seeking and learning about what's really important. I still say feeling good . So my question has been how to do it consistently. I have to say I am getting it. In addition to the books I'm reading I watched a really good message on Enjoying Everyday Live this morning with Joyce Meyer. It was called The Secret to Freedom. I really got a lot out of that one so thanks Joyce for being obedient to God's calling!

Check it out here

Forget Barnes & Noble and Borders - the library is my favorite bookstore...! These are the books on my night stand - & yes I am reading them all...;-) I have gotten a lot out of each of these books. I do recommend each one.

Cell-level healing : the bridge from soul to cell -Joyce Hawkes
Inner wisdom : meditations for the heart and soul - Louise Hay
The power is within you - Louise Hay
You can heal your life - Louise Hay
Inspiration : your ultimate calling - Wayne Dyer
Leverage your best, ditch the rest : the coaching secrets top executives depend on -Blancha
Life without limits : clarify what you want, redefine your dreams, become the person you want to be - Lucinda Bassett
Manifest your destiny : the nine spiritual principles for getting everything you want - Wayne Dyer

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Manifesting good feelings!

I got this in an email from a friend and coach - it pertains to manifesting and Law of attraction. I am manifesting the constant flow of good feelings into my life and this is a good description of how! Check it out!

Envision if you will a triangle. Three points. These points are where your focus needs to be to manifest what you desire. All three are equally important and require your ongoing attention.

Point #1 on the triangle: Clarity this is probably your greatest challenge because it's not just about knowing what your want it's about clearing the channels to receiving what you want.

Point #2: Clearing is like getting the kinks out of your hose. The supply is already there; perhaps it appears to be just a trickle, but that's only because of the kinks. Get them out and you allow all that good to come into your life, all the good that was there all along. As you clear some of the bigger kinks, you'll realize all limitations are self-imposed. The good news is you are in charge now. No matter how old you are or what your experiences have been, there are ways to clear out what stands in your way. Doing this leads to---

Point #3: Increasing your Capacity to receive. This happens as you get clear about what you want, systematically eliminating what stands in your way. High energy food and exercise you enjoy help lighten your load. I've also found it helpful to affirm:

"I am expanding my capacity to receive" (financial abundance)

So where do affirmations, visualizations and gratitude come in? As you become clearer, increase your capacity to receive and know what you want, visualizing and affirming get to be a lot of fun. In the beginning it may feel like such a chore, and in a way it is because it takes a lot of mental energy to focus on what you don't yet see in your reality.

Focusing consistently is what re-programs your brain for something new. Anything new is going to feel temporarily uncomfortable, even if it's a good thing, because, bottom line, it's still a change.

As you work this new muscle, and as you clear out the old stuff that stands in your way, mostly old belief systems or patterns of thought that no longer serve you and the vision of who you would choose to be today, you will find it easier to create what you want. As your life unfolds so beautifully, naturally filled with abundance, allowing for the full creative expression of your truly glorious or best Self, gratitude just happens.

One day you'll wake up, look around and feel deeply appreciative for all that you have and all that you are. This is what lies in the center of that triangle. It's the underlying intention that makes it all worthwhile. It's really not meant to be a struggle. Go for the Joy. When you feel lost, slow down, relax and replenish. Then follow those endorphins! Let them be your guide!

Thoughts that inspire you actually generate more energy in your brain! Consistently, consciously ingesting these kinds of ideas reprograms your expectations. As within, so without.

-Barb Melloh

Feeling good takes practice!

You intended to discover a way to feel good, no matter what, because you have the facility; you have the power; you have the ability to focus. You have the ability to choose where you focus, therefore, you have the ability to offer vibration deliberately; therefore, you have the ability to choose the way you feel. But it takes some practice.

- Abraham-Hicks, San Antonio, TX , January 29th, 2005

Feel good - Finish Strong

So many great people have overcome insurmountable odds to achieve their best. I think that is what makes them great. The ability to use mental toughness in the face of adversity to make your life's dreams a reality. And boy does it feel good when you do!

Watch this!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hey! Check out Oprah's Beauty School w/ Dr. Oz!

This is a really great feature on Oprah's website today! Definitely worth the read with several articles on beauty from the inside out!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Flawless Hair

Ok, so i'm into hair. I have tried almost every kind of hair style, the gamut of products and even started my own hair store to feed my hair habit. I even shaved my head once or twice just to see if I would like it. I did, but I like having hair more. Having good hair on a daily basis feels good. And I don't mean "good hair" in the sense that compares coarse hair texture as "bad" hair, I mean choosing to look good and well groomed whether sporting a buzz cut, a fluffy fro, twisties, locs, a clip on pony, wig, weave or whatever - as long as it looks good and like u mean it. Being able to change my look on a daily basis feels good too! I am a firm believer that there is never a reason, given all the options, to have a bad hair day. For anyone. Period. I'll give u an example...

Once about 15 years ago, my sister treated me to a haircut in Beverly Hills but the salon she wanted to take me to had no walk-in appts available. We wound up going to another salon that she wasn't familiar with. Long story short, I ended up looking like the first year practice manikin from the local beauty school - yes, it was THAT bad. I felt so self conscious walking around like that! Later that day we went to the swap meet on Crenshaw. There was a barber shop inside with pictures of various fades & clipper cuts and one of a woman with hair so short it was almost not there - but the way it was edged up looked kinda fly. I told the guy I wanted that cut - having no hair on purpose was better than having a messed up haircut accidently. I must say I rocked it tho my friends were all shocked when I got back to school! That buzz cut was the end of my bad hair day!

Here are some pictures of some of the different hair styles I have had recenty.

I love the versatility of wigs, extensions & hairpieces. Recently, however I decided that i want to research and try to grow my hair long, all my own hair. There are so many products on the market today that promote healthy hair & scalp. The first one I am going to try is the "Brazilian Keratin Treatment" since I like wearing my hair straightened but relaxers seem to be really harsh on my hair. These treatments are supposed to strengthen the hair by infusing keratin protein - the basic component of hair. In addition, the treatment smooths, shines and straightens curl/wave patterns in the hair to help prevent frizz and poufyness. For people with curly hair that is hard to manage, this seems like a wonderful option. The treatment lasts for 3-4 months and depending on where you live, costs anywhere from $150 to 500. I'm sure there are upscale salons that charge even more.

Anyway, I'm going to give it a try. I'll blog about my results.

The important things in life

Feeling good. This is one of the most important things in life. The decision to feel good is a choice we make every moment of every day whether we realize it or not. It is a basic desire of every person on the planet to feel good. Unfortunatly, more often than not, we make decisions that also limit and prohibit our ability to feel good. I am on a personal quest to make choices in my life that lead me to a perpetual state of feeling good - body, mind and spirit. I'll share my findings here in this blog as I explore the things, concepts and ways of being that make me feel good...hopefully some will make you feel good too!