Sunday, May 8, 2011

Update: Healthy Lifestyle

Wow! It's hard to believe it has been six months since I started this journey towards a healthier lifestyle. I guess I must be doing some things right because I really feel good! There have been some ups and downs - I'm not going to say it has been easy to stay focused and on track. But overall, looking back and reading over my posts, I am much improved!

I had 9 points in my previous post that I was going to try to achieve.

1. Cleanse.
I used Jarrow Fiber perfect for two months. Ok, this may be a little TMI...but lets just say I now have wonderful poo. Here's a great blog on healthy poo if you want more info. Here's what Dr. Oz had to say about poo on Oprah.
I now try to eat high fiber foods regularly and supplement from time to time. I found that other supplements like omega 3 and enzymes seemed to help as well.

2. Cut Sugar.
This was hard. I went on the HCG diet in January. On this very strict diet I lost weight very fast. But I didn't feel great and when I stopped the diet after 3 weeks, I did gain some pounds and inches back. Throughout the month of March and April, I pretty much went back to my high carb (normal) way of eating. By the end of April I was feeling so bloated and uncomfortable that I knew I had to start over with better eating. I tried to cut back on how much food I was eating and was going to the gym regularly, but found myself hungry and miserable by the end of the day and just eating all night long until bedtime.
I did some research on the Ideal Protein diet and from what I read (and already knew) I decided to try a high protein, low carb, very low sugar eating plan once again. This time I was determined not to starve myself, but to monitor my intake of carbs and sugar, similar to The Belly Fat Cure diet.

On my plan I'm having:
two or three protein shakes made with Betty Lou's Low Glycemic Protein powder
a scoop of Green Vibrance
added cal-mag powder
a spoonful of Omega Swirl
a spoonful of MCT oil
1 oz of Power 4 juice and/ or 1 oz of Nutra Rev

A healthy dinner with lean meat and lots of veggies some cooked and some raw.

For snacks I have a handful of pork rinds or nuts

I have been doing this for one full week with remarkable results.
Not hungry. So I'm not thinking about food.
More energy. I've gotten up at 6 am to go to the gym every day this week and overall just feel energetic. I normally stay on the cardio machine until I have burned 400 calories. At first this took me 50 minutes, now it's under 35.
Lost weight and inches. I weighed myself on Tuesday at 216. Saturday I was 212. My pants are much looser  too.

3. Use coconut oil and MCT oil
I cook exclusively in coconut oil. I use MCT oil in my shake. I also use coconut oil on my hair and skin. I do it because of the studied health benefits, which are numerous.

4. Eat low glycemic fruits and veggies.
This was a little tough. Let's just say old habits die hard. I'm getting better with it and am eating more fresh veggies, and cooking with fresh seasonal veggies. Last night we had grass fed beef steaks, coleslaw and steamed asparagus for dinner.

5. Drink 110 oz. of water every day.
This has become easier. I keep a 52 oz. cup handy and re-fill it several times a day.

6. H.O.P.E formula
By Brenda Watson of Renew Life
Yes, I do it. Every day. and I tell everyone who comes to me with any kind of health issue to do it as well. This simple formula has the potential to transform health.
H = high fiber 35g/day
O= Omega fatty acids (they are called ESSENTIAL fatty acids for a reason)
P= Probiotics
E= enzymes, and they are responsible for EVERY chemical process in the body, not just digestion.

7. Plan meals
I'm still not really planning my meals. But the protein shakes don't really take too much thought. I only have dinner to plan for.  And since I'm not as hungry, I'm not looking for snacks throughout the day.

8. Exercize
As I already mentioned,
I have been going to the gym every morning.  So far this is working. I added in a 20 min weight training routine and did the Body Pump class yesterday. I think the fact that I feel so much better is what is keeping me motivated to go. The workouts also seem to give me more energy. I have tried a couple of pre-workout supplements as well. They seem to give me more endurance during the workout.

my supplement cabinet
9.  Take good supplements.
Already mentioned some, but here's my complete list (oh boy)
Alive Women's once daily multi-vitamin
Maitake SX Fraction
Yeast Freeze
Super Enzymes +
Betty Lou's Low Glycemic Protein Powder
Calcium & Magnesuim
DDS Plus probiotic
Saccharomyces Boulardi
Omega 3 (Barlean's omega swirl, Carlson's very finest fish oil, Udo's Flax oil)
Maca magic
Nutra Rev
Power 4 (Noni, Mangosteen, Acai, Goji)
PGX daily fiber

And there are some that I don't use daily
B complex
evening primrose oil
fem dophilus
sovereign silver
Barleans Olive leaf

And some that I have and don't take right now...but thats a list for another post.

So when I started I weighed 224. I actually gained weight through the holidays and was up to 227 by the first of the year. Today I am at 212 and have a goal to be at 190 lbs for the first time in like 15 years. I won't stress or pressure myself, but I think if I keep feeling as good as I do, this won't be a difficult task.

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