Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sometimes it takes money to feel good

It's true. While money does not equal happiness it certainly aids us in having things and experiences that make us feel good. I watched the Secret Millionaires last night on FOX and just watching them give life changing sums of money away made me feel good.

I'm so ready for this level of feeling good and to that end I'm looking at, reading and practicing things that will help me get there.

I have added a couple new books to my bedside table (and yes I returned some of the others to the Kennewick Library for ya)

Infinite Self by Stuart Wilde
How to Practice by the Dalai Lama

Check out this awesome video by Stuart Wilde called the Mastery of Money. It is an hour and 10 min long and you may want to take notes!

About the video:
In this entertaining video seminar filmed in 1986, Stuart Wilde talks about money as energy. It is a vital part of your spiritual quest, for you need money to buy life's experiences. Once you can see money as energy there is really no limit to how much money you can acquire. Stuart's highly successful metaphysical approach shows you how to get into the flow of "easy money". He discusses practical techniques on how to raise your energy quickly. Once you do, people will be naturally attracted to what you are. When they show up, bill'em.
(or provide them with useful goods & services for a fee! - CW)

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  1. yes....i agree...It takes some money to make you happy...but too much can be the root of most evils..

    very nice post!

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