Thursday, December 18, 2008

Faith and LOA

As a christian, I seek to find out if and how the spiritual laws align and correspond within the framework of Bible teaching. It's not hard for me to see the congruences and know that I'm connected to God as I look and read the teachings of contemporary spiritual authors. Even though they may not ascribe to Christianity or write from a christian perspective,I can discern the truth of the information and relate it for myself to what "thus says the Lord".

I saw one of my favorite message broadcasts this AM by my favorite preacher lady, Joyce Meyer. Click on this link to watch it!

In it she talks about the unseen spiritual realm and how much impact our thoughts and words have there on the things, events and circumstances of our lives. She talks about not letting the enemy (the ego in my interpretation) steal our joy. She admonishes us to act on faith, believing before seeing - all primary principles in manifestation.

I particularly like the part about the angels!


  1. Our thoughts lead everything...once we realize that, we can grow.