Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Getting your own answers from Source Consciousness

Your vibration is a frequency similar to a radio signal. Your body is like the radio tuner or receiver. Broadcasting your signal at a high frequency and tuning yourself to this frequency, as close to Source energy as possible, allows you to receive and interpret the essence of this energy into words. We can all ask and receive answers to our own questions in the manner of Esther and Abraham with any form of high vibration consciousness.

If you've ever done this you know how cool it is. Some people have natural ability to do it without any real practice or effort. For me it was not that easy and it did take practice, but once the communication lines are open it's a beautiful thing.

Here's how I was able to do it...

  1. I asked for more open communication with High Vibration Consciousness
  2. I decided that I was sure I could have it
  3. I got into a state of feeling love for myself and others
  4. I started writing down my questions and the answers that came to me
I could tell the answers were coming to me from High Vibration Consciousness because they came in very quickly and it wasn't so much like I was thinking but really just receiving the information and although some of it was stuff I already knew, other things were were much wiser and way more loving thoughts than I had access to just moments before.

Anyway, I encourage you to play around with this and see if you get more clarity and deeper insights for yourself and the questions you have about your life!

Abraham shares in this conversation with a father whose daughter has passed into non-physical that he can interpret her vibration into meaningful conversation. Then at 10:55, they say we can all communicate with Abraham in this manner as well. (Which is cool because I have been... )

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