Thursday, January 30, 2014

You do what you gotta do...I Do What I WANT

Decide before you make it true if it is something you want. Because you can make anything you want true for you. - Abraham Hicks
Listening to Abraham Hicks today, I heard them make the above statement. Now I know this to be an accurate statement, but I began thinking about how I would have missed the point of the statement in my old way of thinking. I know so many people who would miss the point so my mind went into an example of this.

A family member frequently makes the following statement - "You do what you have to do." In other words, when a problem or challenge is presented, you will have to make certain sacrifices in order to resolve it and come to a solution for yourself. If the sacrifice is a tough one or something you don't necessarily want to do, so be it, you have to do it anyway if you want to achieve your goal.  I believed this to be true for many years. So I struggled along, fighting my way through the rough patches in life, sacrificing my deepest desires for the direction I wanted my life to go so that I could keep a roof over our heads, food on the table and gas in the car. I was unhappy, stressed and longing for something different. Someone to come and take me away from the tortured life I was living.
At the same time, I also knew that faith in my higher power (God) could help me, could present unforeseen opportunities for change, and remove some of the burdens of life from my shoulders. So I began to focus more and more attention on the spiritual side of life, and I realized its all spiritual. (a great book on this is "Theres a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem" by Wayne Dyer)
There's a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem
 I began to realize that there is no struggle except for what we create for ourselves, there are no problems except for our perception of circumstances and our beliefs about good and bad.  I began to see that I had the ability to co-create my life all along and that indeed, the life I had reflected the thoughts and beliefs I had developed and not the other way around. The idea that "I can do what I want to do" in relation to challenges and in creating a fulfilling life became more and more developed in my mind until one day it replaced the belief that "I can only do what I have to - no matter how hard".
I believe that life is as easy or as hard as we make it. I believe that everything is perception and belief and these can be changed at will to turn any situation into one that is beneficial. I believe that what I think and how I feel today is creating my tomorrow and that by thinking about what I desire and feeling good about myself and choosing to be happy, peaceful and loving, I am creating my best life experience.

Yes, "You do what you have to do" is a true statement for some people. It's true for them because they believe it, their thoughts and actions are filtered through this belief and as a result it is proven true. However, by choice, it's not a true statement for me. I am doing what I want to do. I remind myself daily that I am blessed, grateful and loved unconditionally. I am serving my highest and best self and being the best me I can be and giving of this version of myself to the world with a complete expectation and belief that this will be reflected back to me. This reflection is the life, circumstances and world I AM creating. I do not have to suffer, struggle or fight. These things are a construct of belief, fear, doubt and perception. Does that mean situations most people consider "problems" will not appear? No, it just means that if they do, I know I always have a choice in how I perceive it, actions I take about it and results I gain from it.

Once I started thinking this way, many things in my life changed. Some people would say, "well that's just a coincidence. You didn't create that situation. It just happened." And to the word "COINCIDENCE" I whole heartedly agree. "Co-Incide-nce" - the word means the action of things happening together or at the same time. At the same time I changed my thoughts about my situation, my situation changed. Coincidence is not accidental. The word also means to be in harmony, agreement and to intersect or meet at a common point in time or space.
Coincidence is proof that your thoughts are creating your reality and that you can choose by changing your beliefs and feelings consciously what the TRUTH of your reality will be.

Here's the talk by Abraham Hicks, if you want to hear it.

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