Sunday, March 17, 2013

21 Day Detox - Final Results and weight loss

Well I made it! I admit I wanted to cheat a few times and really go off course but I stuck with it and I feel FANTASTIC.
I am down about 10 pounds and counting and now have the motivation to continue on this fitness journey.
Please read my other blog posts for the full story of the detox journey in the first and second weeks

Weight loss was not my primary goal. I've been on a mission for better health and wellness for a long time and I am serious when I tell u that a good cleanse or purification program is the Holy Grail for wellness and weight loss. The most remarkable changes...
  • Mental clarity - now able to do calculations in my head when I always needed a calculator.
  • Elevated mood - even with stressful situations, I find my mood consistently upbeat.
  • More energy - what else can I say, working 8 hours on my feet and still able to hit the gym.
Of course I ate very clean for the whole 21 days. I also took my supplements.
Going forward I plan to stick primarily to a paleo diet
and workout doing Slow Motion resistance training along with interval cardio (Sprint 8). There are a few good articles on Dr. Mercola's website about this kind of exercise.

I will keep posting on my progress...until then,
Be Well,

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