Saturday, February 23, 2013

My 21 day detox - Day 1

I decided to do a 21 day detox after talking to my friend Tracy about it. Tracy owns Alive colon hydrotherapy and after getting a few colonics, I decided to really see what a detox will do for me.

Standard Process has supplements that aid and support the detox process. The program seems simple enough.
Week 1 - Unlimited vegetables (from a long list) and some fruit, Tracy suggested one or two servings a day of low glycemic fruit to maximize weight loss, but the program allows for more as long as it's only half the quantity of veggies.
4-7 teaspoons of high quality oils per day such as coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, fish oil, flax oil or grape seed oil.

The program does not mention seasonings so I'm sticking with what I already know to be healthy choices -garlic,  herbs, sea salt, pepper, organic apple cider vinegar, liquid aminos (or gluten free soy sauce)

2-3 SP Complete shakes per day (you can blend these up with fruit and veggies and they have some recipes on their website)
7 SP Cleanse capsules 3 times per day
3 Gastro-Fiber capsules 3 times per day OR 1 tablespoon of Whole food fiber per SP Complete shake.

Week 2 & 3
On the 11th day you can add lean meat, wild caught deep sea fish is suggested at least once a day. Other meat should be organic, free range if possible. Total servings of meats is 2-4 per day.

In addition to the SP supplements in the first week, add 5 SP Green Food capsules 2 times per day starting on day 8.

A minimum of 64 oz of water is recommended, but my rule of thumb is 1/2 body weight in ounces. 

You're probably wondering if there's anything you have to avoid while detoxing...Yes, yes there is. All the stuff you like but you know is kinda bad for you.
No processed food of ANY kind. Including sugar.
No coffee, alcohol, tobacco or other stimulants
No nuts or seeds
No Dairy
No grains except wild or brown rice

My first day I started with a shake made with SP Complete, Whole food fiber, MCT oil, frozen mango, frozen cauliflower and spinach. It didn't taste too bad since I'm used to drinking vegan protein shakes. It had a mild flavor. I did notice what I think was an immediate detox effect. I was a bit queasy about 15 minutes after drinking. Took 7 SP Cleanse capsules.

I was very busy till about 3:30 and didn't eat anything till then but wasn't hungry either. The queasy feeling had long passed. I  made another shake this time with frozen raspberries and the veggies as before. Took 7 SP cleanse capsules. Once again the detox feeling came over me. But I went to the bathroom ....lets just say the detox seems to be working.

For dinner I made a veggie stir fry with garlic, onion, mushrooms, and spinach. I also had butternut squash and apples cooked in coconut oil with pumpkin pie spices.

At the moment, I have a slight headache and my eyes were watering like when allergy season hits. I don't know if its allergies or a detox symptom.

Well, that's all for day 1....stay tuned.

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