Thursday, July 15, 2010

Gluten Free Review - Burger Rolls

 Ok, so I almost gave these rolls the thumbs down. Double thumbs down.  I tried them a few times hoping they would get better and offer me a convenient (Albertsons is across the street) alternative to sandwich bread for a burger.

I tried with a juicy homeburger and was so dissatisfied!  The bun fell apart while I was eating. It was dry and crumbly. I was sad.

I don't know why but for the next one - the next day - I decided to nuke the bun for a 20 sec. hoping it would soften up.  It DID! It was actually edible that way and softer, not crumbly.
There are four buns in the pack and they are not cheap so I finished the last one today - toasted.  That was the best so far. It was perfect - a little crispy on the inside and soft on the outside.  No crumbling.

So I will say go for these buns but make sure you TOAST them before eating!

Schar gluten free, wheat free Classic White Rolls - about $7 for 4 rolls
Here's some other products they make to try...

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