Thursday, June 24, 2010

Am I a Mac or a PC

I have always used a PC but lately I've been using my Macbook Pro..I got one with my tuition to Full Sail University, so no I didn't have $2500 to drop on it. At first it was super cool - the heavy metal and neat little quirks. Like the power cord is magnetic so it "snap" goes in to the side of the Mac. It took a little adjusting to the slight differences in the operating system and software but it didn't take long to get the hang of it. I'm sure had I made use of the tutorials I would be happier with some things, like organizing my files and photos. Maybe I'll do that.

Yesterday I dusted off my trusty Dell Vostro. - the one with the missing F key.
It was like seeing an old friend or coming back home after a long journey. I have an assignment due for school and after struggling and getting frustrated with Mac, I realized "I know how to to this...on my pc" and within minutes (ok maybe an hour) of initial boot up, voila - I had created art! (my rendition of The Fable of the Crow and the Pitcher starring Apple)

Then I noticed how much more comfortable I was...ergonomically that is. Hey Apple...your design aesthetic is fun to look at but the nice rounded edges on my Dell and the soft rubberized touch pad make my work soooo much more comfortable. When I click on the hard metal touch pad on my Mac I feel it in my finger bones...ouch! (ok, maybe its psychological but i think i feel it in my finger bones)
The edges of the Mac are sharp METAL. SHARP. But maybe I was supposed to buy a wireless keyboard...yea that's are not supposed to actually type on the Macbook.

With all the cool factor of my Mac...the Apple Mystique I'll call it...I think I still prefer my PC.
So I guess maybe I am a PC...I think I want a new one.

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