Sunday, March 8, 2009

A body of evidence

For the last several years I have had chronic muscle pain in my back, neck & shoulders. In October, I was at a women's expo and went to the booth of a chiropractor that had a computerized diagnostic machine. It indicated a total imbalance in the nerves and muscles in my back. Ok, tell me something I don't already know, right. A client of mine came in a few months later and in conversation told me she had gotten her massage therapist license and was totally willing to work on me in exchange for hair services. SWEET!

Well in light of my recent practice of allowing & purposeful attracting - this blessing should not have been a surprise, but grateful I am indeed.

It was about a month later when I finally made an appointment with her - and about 2 weeks after starting on my Advocare supplements. My appointment was last night. To my UTTER shock, the areas of usual pain have diminished so much that - althought the massage was wonderful - there was very little pain. I mentioned to her my surprise and said the ONLY thing different I have been doing is using a very well formulated nutritional supplement. She said she could feel that there were areas of chronic pain but that the muscles were very pliable and were responding very quickly to her manipulations. She also said that proper nutrition or the lack there of is critical in our musculature and acknowledged that these new supplements I am taking could indeed have made this big of a difference.

I don't know what happened - I just feel better!

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