Thursday, February 19, 2009

Feeling Fit...feeling great!

We're finally doing it!
David & I are on a fitness mission. Well at least I am. He will have to experience how much better he feels in order to really buy in but I think it's already working.

I started him on a vitamin regimen of products from Advocare. After basketball practice last night and a couple of Catalyst he expressed a desire to get up early and go for a jog. My son...the one who I have to drag out of bed...go the morning...???

Well it was a late night and getting up early didn't happen. He's fighting a cold and tired too but I gave him his Spark, Catalyst, and Pro-biotic Restore upon rising. Then 30 min later I gave him Coreplex, Calcium plus and OmegaPlex with breakfast. He was practically skipping out the door to school by 8am!

I am encouraged by just the first full days results with the products and will be getting David into the gym with a personal trainer soon, thanks to Ryan at the Tri City Court Club!

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