Sunday, November 16, 2008

Manifesting good feelings!

I got this in an email from a friend and coach - it pertains to manifesting and Law of attraction. I am manifesting the constant flow of good feelings into my life and this is a good description of how! Check it out!

Envision if you will a triangle. Three points. These points are where your focus needs to be to manifest what you desire. All three are equally important and require your ongoing attention.

Point #1 on the triangle: Clarity this is probably your greatest challenge because it's not just about knowing what your want it's about clearing the channels to receiving what you want.

Point #2: Clearing is like getting the kinks out of your hose. The supply is already there; perhaps it appears to be just a trickle, but that's only because of the kinks. Get them out and you allow all that good to come into your life, all the good that was there all along. As you clear some of the bigger kinks, you'll realize all limitations are self-imposed. The good news is you are in charge now. No matter how old you are or what your experiences have been, there are ways to clear out what stands in your way. Doing this leads to---

Point #3: Increasing your Capacity to receive. This happens as you get clear about what you want, systematically eliminating what stands in your way. High energy food and exercise you enjoy help lighten your load. I've also found it helpful to affirm:

"I am expanding my capacity to receive" (financial abundance)

So where do affirmations, visualizations and gratitude come in? As you become clearer, increase your capacity to receive and know what you want, visualizing and affirming get to be a lot of fun. In the beginning it may feel like such a chore, and in a way it is because it takes a lot of mental energy to focus on what you don't yet see in your reality.

Focusing consistently is what re-programs your brain for something new. Anything new is going to feel temporarily uncomfortable, even if it's a good thing, because, bottom line, it's still a change.

As you work this new muscle, and as you clear out the old stuff that stands in your way, mostly old belief systems or patterns of thought that no longer serve you and the vision of who you would choose to be today, you will find it easier to create what you want. As your life unfolds so beautifully, naturally filled with abundance, allowing for the full creative expression of your truly glorious or best Self, gratitude just happens.

One day you'll wake up, look around and feel deeply appreciative for all that you have and all that you are. This is what lies in the center of that triangle. It's the underlying intention that makes it all worthwhile. It's really not meant to be a struggle. Go for the Joy. When you feel lost, slow down, relax and replenish. Then follow those endorphins! Let them be your guide!

Thoughts that inspire you actually generate more energy in your brain! Consistently, consciously ingesting these kinds of ideas reprograms your expectations. As within, so without.

-Barb Melloh

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